At the heart of our efforts lies a dedication to crafting outstanding courses, igniting a journey that draws the prestigious CA prefix closer to your name. Let's embark together on an inspirational path toward your aspirations!

Throughout the last 7 years, NAE has remained steadfast in its dedication to providing exemplary education for all its students. We hold the firm belief that every individual enrolled with us becomes an integral part of the NAE family. Our commitment extends beyond academic excellence; we prioritize fostering well-rounded development in our students, equipping them with the skills and mindset necessary to excel in their chosen professions. At NAE, we strive not just to educate, but to empower, nurture, and guide our students towards a future of success and fulfillment

A message from our faculty

Dear Future CAs,

Raise a toast to this exhilarating new journey! Your trust in NAE fills me with immense gratitude and motivation. Remember, every challenge is transient, but the rewards are everlasting. As you tread this path, envision yourself as already being one-third of the way to becoming a CA. With just a bit more perseverance and dedication, those two impactful letters will proudly stand before your name, a testament to your relentless pursuit of excellence. Embrace this journey, for it’s not just about acquiring a title; it’s about the transformation and growth you’ll experience along the way, shaping you into an inspiring success story!

Yours Lovingly,

Niraj Agarwal

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